AlphaImager Mini system

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Alpha Imager Mini system

The AlphaImager® Mini is perfect for routine fluorescent and colorimetric research applications. This compact, portable system weighs only 14 lbs (6.4 kg) and requires very little bench space.

Technology & applications

  • Manual Zoom Lens gives you high quality images.
  • Side Handles on the system cabinet lets you transfer and seat it onto most transilluminators.
  • Epi White Light Illumination assists when you're focusing on samples and they're controlled by an external switch.
  • Viewport with UV-Blocking Shield lets you safely view samples under UV illumination.
  • Dual-Wavelength Transilluminator (optional) for optimal excitation with a variety of fluorescent dyes. High and low intensity settings also give you additional control.
  • Pull-Up Door with Static Hinges for easy access when positioning or removing samples.

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