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  • A proof-of-concept analysis of carbohydrate-deficient transferrin by imaged capillary isoelectric focusing and in-capillary immunodetection
    Jiaqi Wu, Charles H Haitjema, Christopher D Heger & Annegret Boge
    BioTechniques, Jan 2020;
  • Prevalence of antibodies to orthopoxvirus in wild carnivores of northwestern chihuahua, mexico
    Clint N. Morgan, Andres M. Lopez-Perez, Paola Martinez-Duque, Felix R. Jackson, Gerardo Suzan, and Nadia F. Gallardo-Romero
    Journal of Wildlife Diseases, Nov 2019;
  • Analysis of the Antigenic Properties of Membrane Proteins of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
    Haifeng Li, Liguo Liu, Wei-jia Zhang, Xiaobing Zhang, Jianhua Zheng, Li Li, Xiuyun Zhu, Qianting Yang, Mingxia Zhang, Haiying Liu, Xinchun Chen & Qi Jin
    Scientific Reports, Nov 2019;
  • Role of nitric oxide in pancreatic cancer cells exhibiting the invasive phenotype
    Mayumi Fujitaa, Veena Somasundarama, Debashree Basudhara, Robert Y.S. Chenga, Lisa A. Ridnoura, Harumi Higuchib, Kaori Imadomeb, Jae Hong Noa, Gaurav Bharadwaja, David A. Winka
    Redox Biology, Nov 2019;
  • Genistein induces degradation of mutant huntingtin in fibroblasts from Huntington's disease patients
    Karolina Pierzynowska1 & Lidia Gaffke & Zuzanna Cyske & Grzegorz Wegrzyn
    Metabolic Brain Disease, Nov 2019;
  • Discovery and characterization of potent IL-21 neutralizing antibodies via a novel alternating antigen immunization and humanization strategy
    Reena Varkey, Qun Du, Jodi L. Karnell, Xiaodong Xiao, Kerry A. Casey, Rob Woods, Kim Rosenthal, Susan Wilson, William F. Dall'Acqua, Herren Wu, Ronald Herbst, Rachel Ettinger, Melissa Damschroder
    PLoS ONE, Nov 2019;
  • An efficient and quantitative assay for epitope-tagged therapeutic protein development with a capillary western system
    Yong Li, Ernest Duah, Nick Long, Avinash Persaud, Zachary Van Gundy, Thomas Magliery & Ming J Poi
    Bioanalysis, Nov 2019;
  • Cell Membrane Camouflaged Hydrophobic Drug Nanoflake Sandwiched with Photosensitizer for Orchestration of Chemo-Photothermal Combination Therapy
    Lijun Zhang, Xiao Zhang, Guihong Lu, Feng Li, Weier Bao, Cui Song, Wei Wei, Guanghui Ma
    Small, Nov 2019;
  • Methods to Investigate β-Arrestin-Mediated Regulation of GPCR Function in Human Airway Smooth Muscle
    Tonio Pera, Raymond B. Penn
    Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.), Nov 2019;
  • Compensation for cold-induced thermogenesis during weight loss maintenance and regain
    David M. Presby, Matthew R Jackman, Michael C. Rudolph, Vanessa D. Sherk, Rebecca M. Foright, Julie A. Houck, Ginger C Johnson, David J. Orlicky, Edward L. Melanson, Janine A Higgins, and Paul S MacLean
    American Journal of Physiology - Endocrinology and Metabolism, Nov 2019;
  • Effects of Methamphetamine Self-Administration and Extinction on Astrocyte Structure and Function in the Nucleus Accumbens Core
    B.M. Siemsen, C.M. Reichel, K.C. Leong, C. Garcia-Keller, C.D. Gipson, S.M. Spencer, J.A. McFaddin, K.N. Hooker, P.W.Kalivas, M.D. Scofield
    Neuroscience, Nov 2019;
  • Neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) contribute to pathological changes of ocular graft-vs.-host disease (oGVHD) dry eye: Implications for novel biomarkers and therapeutic strategies
    Seungwon An, Ilangovan Raju, Bayasgalan Surenkhuu, Ji-Eun Kwon, Shilpa Gulati, Muge Karaman, Anubhav Pradeep, Satyabrata Sinha, Christine Mun, Sandeep Jain
    Ocular Surface, Nov 2019;
  • Ginnalin B induces differentiation markers and modulates the proliferation / differentiation balance via the upregulation of NOTCH1 in human epidermal keratinocytes
    Atsushi Kato, Junna Koyama, Kenta Shinzawa, Shuki Imaeda, Isao Adachi, Robert J. Nash, George W.J. Fleet, Megumi Shintani, Chihiro Takeuchi, Fumihiro Ishikawa
    Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry, Nov 2019;
  • PH20 Inhibits TGFβ1-Induced Differentiation of Perimysial Orbital Fibroblasts via Hyaluronan-CD44 Pathway in Thyroid-Associated Ophthalmopathy
    Ruiqi Ma, Hui Ren, Binbin Xu, Yun Cheng, Lu Gan, Rui Zhang, Jihong Wu, and Jiang Qian
    Ophthalmology, Nov 2019;
  • FUS pathology in ALS is linked to alterations in multiple ALS-associated proteins and rescued by drugs stimulating autophagy
    Lara Marrone, Hannes C. A. Drexler, Jie Wang, Priyanka Tripathi, Tania Distler, Patrick Heisterkamp, Eric Nathaniel Anderson, Sukhleen Kour, Anastasia Moraiti, Shovamayee Maharana, Rajat Bhatnagar, T. Grant Belgard, et al.
    Acta neuropathologica communications, Nov 2019;
  • miR-218-5p regulates skin and hair follicle development through Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway by targeting SFRP2
    Bohao Zhao, Yang Chen, Naisu Yang, Qiuran Chen, Zhiyuan Bao, Ming Liu, Shuaishuai Hu, Jiali Li, Xinsheng Wu
    Journal of Cellular Physiology, Nov 2019;
  • Matrix Metalloproteinases 2 and 9 are Elevated in Human Preterm Laboring Uterine Myometrium and Exacerbate Uterine Contractility
    Craig C. Ulrich, Veronica Arinze, Carolina Bueno Wandscheer, Christian Copley Salem, Camellia Nabati, Neda Etezadi-Amoli, and Heather R. Burkin
    Biology of Reproduction, Nov 2019;
  • Reversion of cardiac dysfunction by a novel orally available CaMKII inhibitor, RA306, in a genetic model of dilated cardiomyopathy
    Philippe Beauverger, Marie-Laure Ozoux, Guillaume Bégis, Valérie Glénat, Véronique Briand, Marie-Claire Philippo, Cyril Daveu, Georges Tavares, et al.
    Cardiovascular Research, Nov 2019;
  • Nitrosative stress drives heart failure with preserved ejection fraction
    Gabriele G. Schiattarella, Francisco Altamirano, Dan Tong, Kristin M. French, Elisa Villalobos, Soo Young Kim, Xiang Luo, Nan Jiang, Herman I. May, et al.
    Nature, Nov 2019;
  • Effect of Baoshenfang Formula on Podocyte Injury via Inhibiting the NOX-4/ROS/p38 Pathway in Diabetic Nephropathy
    Fang-qiang Cui, Long Tang, Yan-bin Gao, Yue-fen Wang, Yuan Meng, Cun Shen, Zi-long Shen, Zhi-qiang Liu, Wen-jing Zhao, and Wei Jing Liu
    Journal of Diabetes Research, Nov 2019;